I stand up straighter

2016-09-12 11:29

Oh shoes.I’ve got to say, I’m more of a handbag girl myself (working for a handbag company and all), but a great shoe is never lost on me. My issue is the heel. (I actually typed “hell” by accident just now. Freudian slip?) I HATE WEARING HEELS. I KNOW they make my legs look great, I stand up straighter, and I generally look more “womanly,  11月18日至20日,” but damn are those things uncomfortable. And with a floor-length gown I’ll need to be strapped into, do I really want to go this route and be doubly uncomfortable?

Gorgeous, but my feet hurt just look at these! / Image via Seychelles

I could go the two-shoe route, but I can seem to justify buying shoes for a 20-minute ceremony IN THE GRASS. Hive, I think I’m going to be a flats-wearing bride.I’ve found some really cute options out there, including Mrs. Palm Tree’s awesome Tomsidea! Miss Campfire even jumped in and sent me some great options!!!

I told her I was playing with the idea of having my shoe be my “something blue.” / Image via Zappos

A cute neutral / Image via 6pm

I had lots of great options in the flats world at that point, and then another friend sent me a link to these by Dessy Group:

These caught my eye—love me some shoe bling! / Image via Dessy

As I was clicking through the Dessy accessories page, I saw that they had these shoes in 14 different colors and that the bling was also a removable shoe clip! “Ooooooh,” I said to myself, eyes widening!I clicked around and ended up finding a great Art Deco inspired shoe clip and a cute chiffon flower clip as well!

Chiffon flower clip & Art Deco clip / Images via Dessy

This got me thinking, I can mix and match and have the girls’ dress color as my shoe! Or perhaps go ahead with my “something blue” idea since I found the Art Deco clip on a navy shoe! Or have the Art Deco clip on a basic ivory shoe! One thing led to another, and I ended up with this:

Cue the shoe montage,香港马会内部免费资料!! / Image via Dessy

I really love all nine of these options—le sigh! Help me out, hive! Which one is your favorite??

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