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2016-09-09 10:53

Let’s get down to business with those recaps, shall we? Starting with the days leading up to W-Day…

The week before our wedding was pretty calm overall for me. BM J flew in all the way from London a whole week before the wedding, and I was able to take the week off from work. More than anything else, I wanted that week to be like a vacation with her, my family,创富网六合论坛开彩结果, some family friends who were flying in early, and BM A, who would be arriving on Wednesday.

For the most part, it was a great success. Really the only thing left to do was package up and deliver our out-of-town bags:

Photo by Zev Fisher Photography

The packaging went by pretty quickly on Tuesday with help from Mama Hammerhead, MIL Hammerhead, BM J, Aunt K, and Cousin K. We included:

a little brochure with all our favorite sights on the Cape a small?bag of saltwater taffy that we repackaged from big boxes from Christmas Tree Shops a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips—pretty sure they’re required in all Cape Cod out-of-town bags an emergency kit that I sniped from the Gallery (The details are fuzzy at this point, but I’m pretty sure I included Band-Aids, a Shout wipe, Advil, wet wipes, alcohol wipes, bobby pins, safety pins, and hair ties—mostly from Dollar Tree.) a “do not disturb” door hanger sign (I printed these out on card stock at home, used a circular punch to cut out the hole for the doorknob, trimmed with my paper cutter, and was done in about an hour.) a small bag of granola from a massive batch I made a few weeks before the wedding a flip-flop bottle opener (Mama Hammerhead’s adorable addition!) a few chocolate chip cookies (courtesy of MIL Hammerhead) and gingersnaps (courtesy of Mama Hammerhead), both from family recipes (The moms asked what they could contribute to the bags, and I was happy to hand sweets duty off to them!)

Before we knew it, it was Friday and time to head to the Wychmere to rehearse! There was another wedding on their ceremony lawn that evening, so we had to have our rehearsal?in the morning instead. I knew that meant that everyone might not be able to make it, but?I figured we could just update those who missed it later on in the day. As it turned out, though, everyone in the bridal party was able to take Friday off, so I was doubly excited for Friday morning because it would be the first time we’d get to see everyone in the bridal party together!

The rehearsal itself ended up being pretty straightforward. Karen, our venue coordinator, walked us through the processional and showed us where to stand and where the chairs would be, as well as where to go after the recessional—and with that, we were done! The whole thing took probably 30 minutes, maybe closer to an hour once we’d given out a couple of thank you gifts to our readers and stepped away to practice our first dance in private on the dance floor. The rehearsal went by in a blink, but everything was finally starting to feel real, and it was really nice to take that moment to ourselves to soak it all in.

And by “to ourselves” I mean “with our?paparazzi/Mama Hammerhead.”

Not for long, though—my girls and I had lunch reservations to make! I’d booked a table at a nearby restaurant?for the moms, Aunt K (one of our readers), and the bridesmaids to thank them for everything. The setting was lovely; our table was outside on their deck, and we could see right into the bay. I used the opportunity to hand out gifts. The bridesladies got their totes, which I filled with:

their infinity dresses, including a note that said they could wear them while getting ready if they wanted to (I wanted to be clear that it wasn’t required, but they all seemed pretty jazzed to do it, anyway!) (about $14) their necklaces (about $8.50) a cute soft Cape Cod T-shirt that I picked up on super-sale (from Cuffy’s for $7) a little folding silver frame with room for two photos (I filled one side with an old photo of each girl with me, and put a note in the other half with an IOU for a photo of the two of us from the wedding.) (from Michaels, or maybe AC Moore? for $4) a piece of individual jewelry that I thought each girl would like (from various places—my goal was to find each one for $30 or under)

In retrospect, I may have gone a bit overboard, but to echo Mrs. Narwhal, I wanted to give each girl something to remember the wedding by (Cape Cod T-shirt), something to commemorate our friendship with (photo frame), and something to just enjoy for themselves (personal jewelry), in addition to the “stuff for our wedding” part (bridesmaid necklace and sort of the infinity dress). Plus, I stayed under my self-imposed budget of $70 per girl, so I’m chalking that up to a win.

I also gave little gifts to the other ladies at the lunch: the moms each got a freshwater pearl bracelet that I made following this tutorial. I attached little letter charms to the clasp for the first initial of?their husbands and kids, including Mr. Hammerhead and?me. (I got the pearls off Etsy and all the other supplies off Fusion Beads.)

Photo by Zev Fisher Photography

After enjoying a delicious?lunch by the water and attacking the surprise dessert plate they gave us…

…it was time to get our manicures! The nail salon we went to?had a couple extra seats available,  日前, so everyone was able to lounge and chat together while we waited our turn, paging through the?outdated copies of People and?Us Weekly.

Really, the whole afternoon was so fun; a couple of the BMs couldn’t make it to my shower or bachelorette party, so this was the first time I was surrounded by all my favorite ladies at one time. Hearing those people, each?of whom I’d grown close to at different times and places in my life, chatting and getting along together was simultaneously surreal and so exciting. So, while these pre–rehearsal dinner events?aren’t necessary, for me they were totally worth the few days it took to find the right lunch and manicure spots.

I never blogged about the rehearsal dinner, but we decided to do a big-ish dinner for?out-of-town family. I know this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but my family is spread all over the US, so we hardly ever get to see them, and partly because of that,?big rehearsal dinners are sort of an accepted tradition for us. I knew Mr. Hammerhead and I would be stressed out trying to cram?all our quality time with them into one night, and?the rehearsal dinner seemed like a great opportunity to spread that out a bit.

MIL Hammerhead found a great spot to host our 60-ish person dinner: The Dennis Inn. Isn’t it pretty?

Image via The Dennis Inn

Photo by MIL Hammerhead—those decorations came standard!

Cheesin’ it up for best man J!

We had a great time catching up with all our guests, some of whom we hadn’t seen in years. The food was delicious, the toasts (by both dads, Brother Hammerhead, and SIL Hammerhead) were great, and the happiness in the room was infectious. It got me super excited for what the next day would bring!

Did you guys have a big rehearsal dinner or a small one? Did you do a bridal luncheon, or is that not a thing anymore?

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